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The Havanese is a breed of Bichon small dogs’ type came in the Mediterranean during olden days. In the 16th century, Havanese are merely for wealthy and higher class people. Alternatively, Cuba recognizes this particular breed of dog as their national dog. Based on most people, Havanese are the right house pets for families. With its friendly character, all your family members will adore them for certain. In the past, Havanese are considered as treasured presents given by Spanish businessmen in the pursuit of catching the heart of Cuban females. Presently, this particular dog breed is highly identified in various places.

The Havanese dog belong to the small-sized breed of dog. This dog comes in countless colors (gold, cream, silver, brown, beige, white, black etc.) and marking patterns with a tail carried over its back, and ears drop and folded. The height of this dog typically reaches 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches, and as for its weight, it gets to between 10-16 pounds. This breed has a curios disposition. Nothing can help make them more happy aside from being everybody’s attention, and they’re playful and very lovely too. Simply because they are normally playful and active, leaving them all alone in your house for the whole day is not recommended. So don’t be amaze if you will go back home with a great mess that welcomes you.

Moreover, Havanese dogs are being regarded as toy breeds. They can be properly trained simply for they are intellectual breeds. They love playing and clown around only to give happiness to the family. Whenever possible, teaching your dog should begin as early as their puppy days. This is because owners can help them establish great behavior even when they’re old; though they can also be properly trained even if they’re already old. Most of these dogs are highly attached with the members of the family and will generally follow them everywhere they go. Even though they are playful, exposing them to outdoor activities is not recommended. This is because they are small dogs and can quickly become tired. Rather, one can just play around in the comforts of their house or at the backyard. You can also feel their love and affection because they will truly show it. Additionally, these dogs will actually show you the way they really feel inside, including the times exactly where you might behave in a different way.

Well, Havenese dogs are completely healthy. They don’t often get sick. The lifespan of this dog breed reaches 14-16 years. There are instance that some dogs may experience luxating patella, liver disease, heart disease, cataracts, and retinal dysplasia.

Don’t forget that dog breed Havanese looks for attention. That’s the reason why it’s necessary that dog owners will give them love and care. Its coat must be regularly combed. Additionally, giving them a shower at least three times a week is needed to keep their grooming. Additionally, ears should be kept clean so that to avoid ear infections. Be a responsible pet owner for you are caring for another life. If you love your pets, your pets will love you back at the same time.